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Ethereal Productions are proud to offer via the internet our first DVD release, Spitfire Guardians. Please click on Documentaries menu to the left of this panel.

A Short Synopsis..........................

In the cockpit were men aged in their twenties, thrown into the most powerful fighter aeroplane of their time, and pitted against a tenacious adversary. All the while placing implicit trust in their ground crew’s abilities to keep their machine flying. For every pilot, their crew maintained the engine, the guns, the instruments and the aircraft itself in a complex symphony to keep the pilots flying against the enemy.

Spitfire Guardians has captured this essence, their pain, sorrow, joy and affection. Narrated by Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell, their stories are from a time of uncertainty, their world a cockpit and gun sight. The crew facing only hard work and the stress of waiting for their flying counterparts safe return. The heat of operations remains forever with the pilots, the battle against attrition fresh for the ground crew.

This DVD tells the story of the men, aircrew and ground crew and their machine...... The Spitfire Aircraft.


Latest News from Ethereal Productions

Ethereal Productions is proud to announce the new film venture in association with former SAS Sniper and author Rob Maylor, the short film 'Stalking' an action thriller to be shot this year. For more details click on News Items in the menu.