Different Types Of Pallet Racking—Choosing The Right One Is Mandatory

warehouse with fork lifts

Small or large, your warehouse should be efficiently organised to optimise storage space as well as working efficiency. Among the primary factors to consider are:-

  • Floor space available
  • Ceiling height
  • Products stored
  • How frequently you access the products
  • System of inventory control – last in first out or first in first out
  • Lift height that the forklifts can provide

Once the above factors are determined, it gets a lot easier exploring different types of pallet racking options available in the market. The primary options available include:-

  • Selective racking
  • Push back and flow racks
  • Drive through/Drive in
  • Narrow Aisle pallet racking
  • Cantilever racking
  • Wide aisle racking

That gives you wide enough variety to choose a system that best answers your needs. The best way to gain a close-up understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of each system is to examine the details of all of them. When you reach the stage of exploring vendors for one or more systems that you finally zero down to, there are a couple of things you can do to enhance your knowledge. Ask one or more vendors to arrange for visits to other warehouses where similar systems are already installed. Most vendors will be more than happy to do this. Such visits will also give you an opportunity to understand any pitfalls associated with a particular system. Or, you will see how another system is efficiently catering to a business similar to yours.
Now, let us examine the different types of pallet racking in greater detail.

pallet rack storage system

Selective racking

The most common pallet racking system in vogue is Selective racking. Selective racking system configuration is more like a giant shelving system and has vertical beams supporting series of horizontal beams which create the individual shelves to hold each pallet. You can find this type of racking system in use in many distribution centres since the pallets are quickly accessible from the aisle. One aspect you will have to focus on while choosing selective racking is storage density. Space must be set aside for the aisle, and this will impact your storage density.

Push back/flow racks

Flow racks use gravity conveyor for positioning the pallet in the exit position making it easy to access for loading. When one pallet is loading, the other pallet moves forward to the ready position and the process continues. Flow racks facilitate rear loading which also means that you will be operating a first in first out inventory management system. Push back systems on the other hand work on the principle of first in last out inventory management system. This type of pallet racking is ideal when you have mass quantities to be stored. On the flip side, these are also among the most expensive pallet racking systems available.

Drive through/ Drive in

More like the Selective racking system, this type allows you to drive the forklift straight into the bay or the lane of stacks. Drive in racking is a one-way arrangement while the drive-through system will have access points at either end. Both the systems allow significant storage density and are commonly employed where a lot of same products are stored.

Narrow aisle pallet racking

This is an ideal option when you have limited floor space. However, you will need specialised forklift truck that uses a guide rail and that could cost you an extra bit of money. However, when properly installed, the system affords great flexibility in positioning the shelves. You can also expect significant space savings through this system apart from very convenient access to the pallets.

Cantilever racking

Another versatile system which can consider adjustable installations as well as fixed installations in both small and large warehouses. The upright supports for the system are housed at the back of the facility and can provide a major storage area without any obstruction. This is ideal when you have to store lengthy materials such as metals. You will find this system in use in many steel tube warehouses or timber stores. This type of racking can take on heavy loads, and the unobstructed storage makes it easy for forklift trucks to access the material. The system can also be gainfully employed in situations where handpicking is feasible.

Wide aisle racking

wide rack

This is an excellent system that facilitates storing small as well as large load and provides high adaptability and accessibility for hand picking as well as forklift trucks. An added advantage of the system is that a standard forklift truck can be conveniently used with the system. However, you will have to take into consideration the safe height of your fork truck to design the top shelves. This system can be installed at a comparatively low cost though you may have to compromise on storage density.

Finding the right vendors

Having understood different types of pallet racking available in the market, the next task before you is, finding reliable vendors in your neighbourhood. This should be relatively straightforward with the help of the internet. In most major towns and cities across Australia, you will find several reputed vendors. Since you cannot apparently deal with all of them, you need to pick two or three providers and negotiate with them based on your conviction of their reliability and the testimonials they have on the website. One way, you can make the selection process simple and efficient is by visiting some of the installations from the vendor. By looking at actual installations even with different dimensions, you can enhance your knowledge of the entire system which will drive your final decision. Most vendors will also be happy to assist you in this direction since it is a matter of pride for them to show off what they have already done.

Garden Services: Why Your Garden Needs Professional Help on a Regular Basis?

We all love to have a beautiful, well-maintained garden. But, nobody likes to go and work in the backyard. Also, with such a busy schedule, it is hard to spare time for your garden even if you are willing to maintain your garden. We should keep in mind that a beautiful garden needs proper maintenance but busy days won’t let us keep the garden on a regular basis. Fret not. There is a solution to this problem. How about having a garden maintenance service? Garden services offer you the best services. They help you to keep your garden blooming and beautiful. These professionals will only enhance the beauty of your garden, and you will see the things and the concepts the professionals will use that never crossed your mind. Here are the reasons why your garden needs professional help on a regular basis:

Beautiful Garden

They Have Proper Knowledge Of Grass Type


These professionals have a comprehensive understanding of grass types. Grass varieties vary from place to place. And these different kinds need to be treated in a variety of ways. They know how and when to treat the insect and disease problems. They have proper treatment plans for each and every grass type. For example, it is necessary to treat grass in California in a way that is different from in New York.

Treatment Program to Prevent Decay

Trees and shrubs are quite deceiving. They would look just about beautiful and healthy on the first day. But, the next day, they would be on the verge of dying. That is a big problem, isn’t it? So, what do we do now? Well, don’t worry. Garden services always have a treatment program that would treat your plants and would help you save the beauty of your garden.

Aerating The Soil Around Roots

Aerating Soil

Aeration means the land with small holes to allow water, air, and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. The professionals would aerate the ground which will help the roots grow deep and vigorous. Thus, we’ll get a more healthy lawn. The main reason for aeration by the professionals is to alleviate soil compaction. Thus, a garden service would be very helpful as it would make the grass and plants stronger and keep them healthy, which would maintain the grass green and the garden beautiful.

Mow The Garden

Admit it; many people face problems while mowing their lawn. They do not know how to set their mower. But why to worry when we have taken a garden service. Making a garden service is a wise choice. The professionals know how to set the mower. They know the right pattern. They know whether to set mower high or low. Also, their capabilities will enhance the beauty of your garden as they know what is best for your garden.

Eliminating Weeds From The Garden

Garden Weed Elimination

It is important to remove the weeds from the garden on a regular basis. Garden services have a team of qualified and skilled professionals who know how to deal with these weeds. They know when to spray the garden with pesticides to eliminate the additional plants from your garden. These professionals know what pesticides to use. Unwanted plants can be quite depressing. They make your garden look bad. So, taking a garden service is a good option if you want you to retain the beauty of your garden.


You do not need to install any irrigation or sprinkler system. Garden services will do this job for you. Many people assume that a little watering would do the job. Well, if you think the same as well then, unfortunately, you are wrong. Watering a little or watering too much can mess things up for your garden. Do you want some good news? Garden services also water your garden. They know when and how to water the grass and plants. You do not need to bother about watering and all once you have hired a lawn service.

Soil Testing

Testing your soil is essential for the success of your garden. Once you have taken a garden service, these professionals would test your soil. These skilled and intelligent professionals would verify the soil for its pH, and they would also check out what the soil is lacking. After the testing has been done and once they have reached a conclusion then they would add organic matter, fertilisers, etc. depending on the outcome. So, it is yet another perk of taking a garden service.

Seasonal Cleanup Of The Garden

Garden service professionals also perform an annual cleanup. Annual cleanup comes with some of the greatest advantages. Annual cleanup makes your garden look its best this season and the next. They make sure everything is perfect and cleans your garden.

Pruning Trees And Shrubs

Pruning Trees

Pruning is a technique to remove the dying and dead branches injured by some disease, birds, storms, etc. It also removes branches that are intertwined. Garden service professionals prune the trees to maintain your garden. They do so to ensure the health of plants and trees as dying branches can affect the whole tree. So, these professionals will do the pruning for you. It is yet another reason we need a garden service.

Edging The Garden

Edging Garden Border

Edging is the process of walking around sidewalks of your garden using a power edger. Edging the garden makes the garden straight, and it looks perfect if people have done the edging properly. Edging should be done straight and from right angles. A garden service also edges the lawn for you. The team has workers that do the edging work. They use power edger and enhance the beauty of the backyard. Your home will be more appealing with a perfect garden. So, it’s perfect to have a garden service.

Now, you know how painful it is to maintain a garden. So, you must have started to realise the importance of the maintenance of your garden by the professionals on a regular basis. It’s important to maintain the garden to make it look its best. Moreover, you barely have time to spare time for these kinds of activities. So, garden services are the best way to go.

Determining the Solar Panel Size for Your Home

If you are debating whether to install a solar energy system in your home, there is something you should do first – determine your energy consumption. This is vital for you to know then you will have an idea on the number of solar panel you will have and the wattage it can provide. Every time you receive your monthly billing statement from your power company, you might not have given a thought on what comprises the total amount. The truth is that every appliance or electrical item you have in the house is a contributor. If you try to determine what appliance consumes the most electricity inside your home, then you will be able to control how many times you use it. These little changes, when added up will eventually lead to a lower energy bill.

However, while you are determining the sizes of solar panels, you should be aware of the solar panel providers in the market. In my house, I have installed solar panels from Euro Solar where they have provided excellent installation service and friendly customer service.

Finding The Label

Energyrating.gov.au. (2016). [online] Available at: http://www.energyrating.gov.au/sites/prod.energyrating/files/mld10/copyrighted%20ZERL.jpg [Accessed 28 Sep. 2016].

It is not hard to calculate the energy cost of a particular appliance, in reality, the steps are quite simple. The majority of the electrical devices we buy have labels that indicate the wattage consumed – it may be found attached to the device itself or it may be shown inside the manual provided to the owner. Locate this number to determine how much the device is consuming. It is also important to have an estimate of the hours every day wherein the appliance is in use.

In the unlikely event that you cannot locate the wattage label, there are other ways to find out the power that each device is using. One way is to buy a measuring device that can measure in watts. These devices are moderately easy to use – just plug the appliance into the measuring device and it will show the power consumption in watts. You may contact the appliance’s manufacturer and provide the model number since they will be able to tell you the watts consumed by the appliance.

Steps On How To Calculate Energy Consumption

-Determine the watts per day of an individual appliance. This can be easily done by multiplying the wattage of the appliance to the total numbers of hours it is being used daily to get the watt-hours that are being consumed per day. Let us say that you have a television with the wattage of 170 and you use it for 5 hours each day. Once the wattage is multiplied by the number of hours, you will be able to get 850 watt-hours daily.

-Convert the resulting watt-hours to kilowatts. Upon seeing your electricity bill, you might have noticed that the unit used in measuring is kilowatt hours. 1 kilowatt is equivalent to 1,000 watts thus getting the kWh is pretty easy. Just divide 850 watt-hours with 1,000 and the result is 0.85 kWh daily.

-Total usage in one month. At this step, you would be able to calculate the kWh the appliance can consume in a month. You can get this amount by multiplying the kWh with the number of days which is 30 days in a month. You will get 25.5 kWh for one month.

-Determining the actual cost. Once you have calculated the monthly kWh, then it is simply a matter of checking your electrical bill for the amount you pay for every kWh. Let us assume that you pay 12 cents for every kWh thus the total cost of your television for every month would be 25.5 kWh multiplied by 0.12 equals to $3.06.

Do this for every appliances and device you have inside the house and add up the total cost to determine how much energy you need every month. After this, you will be ready to move on and decide about the solar power system you want to install.

Calculating The Solar Energy Required

Three major points that should be taken into account when choosing a solar panel or building a solar power system.

-Energy capacity that could be stored in the battery
-The energy which will be consumed by all of your appliances for a particular period.
-The energy that the solar panel will be able to generate for a specified period.

The first step is determining the energy that the battery is able to store before choosing the solar panel that will be able to replenish the energy inside the battery depending on the cycle of usage. The capacity of a battery is usually measured in Amp Hours, but you have to convert this number to watt hours by multiplying the voltage rating of the battery. It is important to note that you may not be able to use all the power stored inside the battery because as soon as the voltage is below the required amount of the equipment, then it will no longer have the capacity to energise it. A basic rule is being followed, but it is still advisable to check the specifications of the battery you have.

-For battery made of lead acid, the rated power is only about 50 per cent.
-For a battery with Li-ion, the rated power is around 80 per cent.

The last part would be to determine the solar panel you will choose that can provide enough energy for your daily consumption. Each solar panel has a rating for its power generation, and it is also measured in watts. If we go by theory, you can get the energy the solar panels can provide to the battery just by multiplying the watts to the hours the panels are exposed to sunlight. In reality, this is not an accurate calculation. For places with winter, it is always safe to assume that you will get only 1 hour of sunlight and during the summer you will be able to get 6 hours of sunshine.

Thus, to determine the sizing of the panel, the time of the year and the power required should be taken into consideration. If you are consuming 200w every day, divide that with the total number of hours you get sunlight. The resulting answer is the size of the panel in watts.